Competence and Experience

1000+ connections with enterprises big and small, in over 25 countries

For now almost 20 years we've been connecting trade partners to nmedia's Clearing Center which provides a quick and simple means of electronic data exchange. No matter what size your company is: at each project, we adapt ourselves to the scope of your ERP or cash system.

To participate in electronic data exchange with nmedia, your software must have an import and export function. We adapt to your exchange format(s) and take care of the communication with your trade partners, electronically and individually. If you don't find your desired trade partner in our list of business associates, we'll gladly connect them to our Clearing Center, globally.

A wide range of proven transmission technologies is available to you and your partner. We're also open to new technologies and will examine for you if your preferred method is feasible. Please find our range of already supported technologies below Transmission Technologies.

Apart from individual formats we supply many standard message formats like EDIFACT, etc. For a list of supported document/message types, please check our overview on page Document types.If your desired document type is not listed there, just let us know.

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