The right connection of retail traders with their suppliers is an important leverage in the optimization of trade cooperation.

This means not only a better flow of goods from manufacturer to customer but also an improved flow of data between both enterprises.

Exchanging e.g., orders or invoices as paperless receipts allows you to omit tedious manual tasks. Exchange of sales figures between retailers, wholesale and industry is a prerequisite of successful merchandise planning. A central problem in EDI (eletronic data interchange) is to interconnect inhomogenous IT environments between retailers and their suppliers.

ERP systems on both sides can exchange electronic documents using the nmedia clearing center. Once connected with its Business Integration Service, retailers and suppliers can receive and send orders, order confirmations, invoices, sales figures, etc.

The nmedia service can be characterized by its ready adaption to each EDI interface. A participant needs one export/import interface only to partake in EDI. nmedia shall adapt to any given format and check if data was processed successfully by your trading partner

Supplier benefits

  • lower processing spendings
  • no need to invest in extra EDI infrastructure
  • optimum support of retailers in regarding customer service
  • immediate information on sale figures and optimization of inventory management
  • lower error rate
  • one contact only for eletronic data interchange
  • no extra administrative effort

Retailer benefits

  • simplified sourcing
  • constant review of delivery dates, quantities and order amounts
  • quicker recording of stock receipts
  • ready to provide new data fields or field contents in supplier data
  • no need to invest in an ERP system
  • low own IT effort
  • optimum sales mix through constant exchange of data with suppliers
  • free sending of response messages from the supplier for all orders processed by nmedia


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