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The bulk of invoices between industry and retail trade is still exchanged via mail. Our intent is to ameliorate this process by using electronic document interchange.

With us, you can send invoices via EDI or electronic mail or fax.

Invoice recipient pros

  • One target email address or fax number for incoming invoices.
  • (If needed, invoices can also be sent to multiple addresses.)
  • Less manual tasks (opening and disposal of envelopes).
  • Receive and process invoices when and where you like to.
  • Effortless archival of documents and easier cycling of invoices.
  • One transmission channel and one contact for all invoices.
  • An electronically signed invoice is legally equal to a paper invoice and qualifies for input tax reduction. With our verification and archival services, you're free of administrative tasks with electronic invoicing and their costs.
  • Environmental benefit.

Your invoice will look the same as before. Plus, it will carry an electronic signature, qualifying the invoice for input tax reduction, like a paper invoice. All tax offices do accept these documents, since nmedia ensures the verification of the signature Each processed invoice is archived with its signature and the verification protocol @nmedia. At your request, your tax counsellor or tax inspector can apply for the original electronic documents including signature and verification protocol.

We will gladly send you the invoices via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), using your favoured format and transmission channel. EDI alone is also apt to replace paper invoices. If interested, do not hesitate and contact us on +49 (0)211 60095-70/-80, or via email: dz@nmedia.de.

The following enterprises have joined our initiative from day 1: WMF, Villeroy & Boch, Leonardo, Kahla, Blomus, Dibbern, and ASA.

Once you mail or fax us this <media 17027 - download "Start download">flyer</media>, filled and signed, we'll send you invoices from the aforementioned suppliers, electronically signed.

Invoice sender pros

  • no extra paper invoices (and invoice lists) to retailers that use EDI
  • time savings compared to sending invoices by mail (> 1 day)
  • easier document transfer workflow
  • savings of 2–4 € (cost of paper invoice) per document

The handling of electronically signed documents is the same as with EDI documents: You can send your EDI document to us like you already do; this may also be a PDF. Once processed, we digitally sign and archive your document. You can access your archived documents any time.

We do all the rest. The documents are sent to the recipients, using the formats and transmission channels they desire. One document can also be sent to multiple addresses. nmedia also ensures that the documents comply with all legal standards.

Do not hesitate to join the initiative. Market leaders as WMF, Villeroy & Boch, Leonardo, Kahla, Blomus, Dibbern, and ASA are already on board. We're glad to talk to you: Contact Nicolaus Gedat on +49 (0)211 60095-95, or via email: ng@nmedia.de

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